Friday, April 20, 2012

Information on living close to a gas station.

Since the Speedway rezoning application was filed I have received a number of links and files from residents that feel if this is allowed this will be dangerous to the residents that will be forced to live next to a gas station. Below are links to the articles I have received.

Living near a gas station is ‘bad for your health’ as fuel pollutants found to travel 100m

Is It Safe to Live Near a Gas Station?

Fuelling health risks: Gas pumps near homes cause cancer

Gas Stations Pollute Their Immediate Surroundings, Spanish Study Finds

Leukemia rates high for kids near gas stations


The Dangers of the benzene gas present in fueling stations.


The risk of cancer increases when living near a gas station.


The environmental hazards and effects on the human body from Gasoline/benzene fumes.


Pollution problems associated with gas stations along with the subsequent health, environmental, and home pollution risks.


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